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Bourbon Girl Productions offers several different services aligned with its owners hobbies, interests and love of these topics.

Small business website/ecommerce shop builds, site analytics, and SEO.
Kentucky Bourbon Country self-guided tours aligned with your location, interests, and drive times.

Kentucky Bourbon Country

What to Know about   Bourbon Touring

It's no coincidence that Kentucky is one of the top destinations for the Bourbon Lovers. The breathtaking nature, the endless distilleries, the people and friendly locals make the visit welcoming and enjoyable.

Bourbon country is not only for adults, but kids can also enjoy the tours, the countryside and the history as well. There is a wealth of activities for families to enjoy along the way.

Touring Bourbon country is to immerse yourself into the beauty and history of the state of Kentucky.  Hidden within the rolling hills, beautiful forests, black barns, and bluegrass pastures you'll discover a wealth of opportunities to explore.

Bourbon Girl Productions was conceived to help you enjoy the your own experiences to help in your Kentucky and Bourbon journeys.



Digital Services

Bourbon Girl Productions offer the following services.

  • Personalized Self-Guided Bourbon Tours

  • Small Business Website Development

  • Small Business Site Performance and SEO

  • Craft Store - Coming Soon

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