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Versailles, Kentucky

Between Frankfort and Lexington Kentucky, Versailles is home to  several distilleries situated amidst its rolling horse farms.

These distilleries benefit from the limestone-rich water sourced from rivers in the region, which is known for its purity and ideal mineral content for bourbon production.

Enjoy the leisurely picturesque drive and visits wonderful historical distilleries.

It's one of my favorite stops when touring distilleries.


Castle & Key Distillery Aquifer

They say it's the water

Limestone-filtered water in its distillation process, contributing to the unique character of  bourbon.

Limestone water is considered a crucial ingredient in bourbon production due to its mineral composition, pH balance, softness, and historical significance, all of which contribute to the creation of high-quality, flavorful spirits.

As a result, limestone water has become deeply intertwined with the tradition and heritage of bourbon making in these areas, adding to its perceived value and importance in the industry.

McCraken Pike


McCracken Pike, located in the heart of Kentucky's bourbon country, is indeed home to several renowned distilleries, making it a must-visit destination for bourbon enthusiasts.

  • Woodford Reserve Distillery is one of the oldest and most respected bourbon distilleries in Kentucky. It is renowned for its premium small-batch bourbon.   I never miss an opportunity to stop by Woodford, their Double Oaked and limited releases are always favs.  

  • Castle & Key Distillery is situated in a historic castle-like building and is known for its commitment to traditional bourbon production methods. Explore the meticulously restored grounds and learn about the distillery's rich history while enjoying tours and tastings of their premium spirits.

  • Glenns Creek Distilling is a craft distillery located on the Old Crow Distillery.  Producing small-batch bourbon and other spirits.

    Take the time to visit Dave and the team to be immersed into craft distilling.   I had the opportunity to spend sometime there when they first started, I still fondly recall the conversation, learning and company while sipping on their fine bourbons.

Each of these distilleries offers a distinct experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the world of bourbon while enjoying the scenic beauty of Kentucky's countryside along McCracken Pike.


Stop for Lunch

Nestled inbetween Castle & Key and Woodford Reserve on McCracken Pike, the Stave is a perfect opportunity to take a break, grab some good food and enjoy their patio in back along the river. 

Once fueled, take the time to drive a few miles down the road to Wild Turkey, always work the visit!

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