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Bourbon distillery touring has become a past time for many as well as a fun thing to do for others. 

I look at bourbon touring as an opportunity to learn unique history that built our country and the people involved.  But of course that is not all, there is the science behind the making of bourbon, the laws surrounding the only American alcohol and of course, the enjoyment that comes from tasting the end product.

I started building self-guided tours for myself and friends, each year fine tuning and adding to my repertoire of local highlights, eateries, places to stay and of course the distilleries.

What's unique about self-guided tours is you can take them at your own pace, we provide suggestions along the way for taking in a meal or visiting a museum.  Our tours include timing between distilleries, recommended time per stop and alternates.

Please reach out via Email if you are interested
in a crafted self guided tours.

Enjoy and Cheers!

Louisville | Bardstown | Frankfort | Versailles | Lexington

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